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Jens Queenstown Must Do Activities!

Jens Queenstown Must Dos.

Our superstar receptionist Jen has shared with you her absolute favourite things to do in Queenstown!

I moved to Queenstown at 18 and have been living in Queenstown for 5 years now. I have definitely been lucky to experience a lot of the best activities while I was completing my diploma. There is still definitely more I want todo as we have so much to offer here in this amazing part of the world.

My passion definitely is with getting to talk to people everyday about things that I love, so if you have any activity ideas or need advice don’t hesitate to reach out!
When it comes to my bucket list activities, I have added my own photos in the activities that I have completed (Earnslaw Burn, Kawarau Bridge Bungy and Skyline). I am hoping to get the Mountain Carting and Funyacking this year to complete my adventure bucket list!

Earnslaw Burn

This is my favourite place in the entire world…. Along with everyone else who has been there.

Imagine Narnia + Lord of the Rings = Earnsalw Burn.

In all seriousness The Hobbit was actually filmed here and it's even one of Sir Peter Jacksons favourite places. When you sit in the silence staring at the Earnslaw Glacier and the insane number of waterfalls it looks like actual magic. If there is one activity you can do, I wouldn’t skip this.

The Helicopter flight in and then the walk around this very untouched piece of private land is almost indescribable. I am lucky enough to have visited here multiple times during my times in Queenstown and I can say for a fact it has never lost its SPARKLE!

Mountain Carting Cardrona

This is my top to do in 2022!

I can never stop recommending activity’s where they make you feel like a kid again. Get your blood pumping as you race your friends/family down the Mountain Carting tracks of Cardrona.

When it's winter you wouldn’t even know this activity was hidden under all the sno. But come Summer, the tracks are up and running and so will be your adrenaline. The 3 wheeled carts have low centres of gravity for speed and disk breaks to make it easy to slow down before you jump back on the lift to go again and again for the next 2 hours.

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

I did this the 2nd time I ever came to Queenstown, and it was my first ever bungy.

This is the one bungy I always recommend to friends and family who come to visit.
The main reason for this is that - this is the original, the first EVER commercial bungy site! The photos of the bungy over the blue Kawarau River are insane. It’s not the highest at 43m which is a win if it’s your first time jumping.
Did I mention you can touch the water when you jump if you want to?!

It has a great viewing spot for family/friends to watch you as well. The best things I can recommend that worked for me to get my feet of the edge of a bridge were, don’t look down before hand and don’t hesitate… trust me, do not hesitate.  


Just because I haven’t done this yet don’t let that fool you! This full day excursion is one for the books. This adventure is much more than you would expect.
To start with you get a wilderness jet boat ride in order to get you out on the crystal clear river. It’s here you reach your Funyaks and the real fun begins. This trip will take you to some of the most amazing untouched spots in this UNESCO World Heritage Area.
This trip will send you home with photos to make everyone jealous. This is one that I am itching to get out and experience as soon as possible!


Queenstown Gondola and Luge

Anytime my family or friends come to visit Queenstown this is the one that I tell them they MUST do! I love this so much, even after 5 years here I have a gondola pass so I can go up all the time.
Starting with the Gondola up the mountain, the views get more and more amazing the higher you get. When you reach the top you are treated to the most amazing view of Queenstown.
The luge cart track takes you on turns and through tunnels with the Queenstown skyline in the background. This is amazing when it becomes a good race…as long as I win! Finally, my go to is to have an ice cream overlooking the view before heading back down.



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