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5 foods you MUST try when visiting Queenstown.

10 Must try foods!

Every city has some well known foodie establishments that specialise in food you just HAVE to try. I hope your trip to Queenstown is very soon, because we are about to make your taste buds water and you’re not going to be able to stop thinking about this food until you get to try it for yourself. Buckle up, here's our list of MUST try eats in Queenstown.



It’s probably impossible that you have not heard of this one. Undeniably Queenstown's most famous food institution. Fergburger is just as popular with locals as it is with visitors. It’s so popular that you have to be prepared to queue up to order as there is almost always a line out the door and down the footpath. Take your burger down to the lakeside and enjoy!

Our order: A Chief Wiggum burger with Fergs signature fries. Go crazy and add on one of their thickshakes to your order. 

Patagonia Ice Cream & Gelato

If you don’t have this atleast once a day on your trip then you’re certainly doing it wrong. Located in Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka and also catering to many dietary requirements, it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing because any day with ice cream is a good day.

Our order: A double scoop waffle cone (because why not) with a scoop of white chocolate and hazelnuts, and a scoop of coffee cream.


Balls & Bangles

You’ll satisfy your savoury and sweet tooth in one go, and they’ll both be thanking you after. Balls & Bangles specialises in donuts and bagels, when bread is your core ingredient you can’t really go wrong. From Salmon benedict bagels to peanut butter and jelly filled donuts through to thickshakes topped with donuts, you’re really going to struggle to decide on just one thing. 

Our order: Philly cheesesteak hot bagel, followed by a lemon meringue donut. Or if you’ve missed lunch, just get 2 donuts!

Ferg Bakery

My favourite thing about a pie is it’s acceptable to eat one at any time of the day. I'm sure that’s why breakfast pies were invented, to cover all basis. As you probably guessed, Ferg Bakery is right next door to Ferg Burger, and though it is probably less well known, I think it's the superior member of the Ferg Family. The selection of homemade pies, bread rolls and pastries are next level.

Our order: A Ferg and cheese pie (a filling that has been slow cooked to perfection) with a Boston cream bun to follow. 

Cookie Time Cookie Bar

You can’t walk past Cookie Time and ignore the smell of hot cookies fresh out of the oven. Crispy on the outside and mouth wateringly gooey on the inside, just how a cookie should be. Of course you can get ordinary hot cookies but you can level up your cookie experience with a cookie ice cream sandwich, hot cookie and chocolate milk, or one of their famous cookie shakes. 

Our order: A hot S'mores cookie sandwich. Then heavily influence your travel companion to get a double chocolate fudge brownie shake so you can share it. Best of both worlds, you’re welcome. 


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