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Arrowtown must do's

Oh Arrowtown. The charm of this little town nearby is a must visit when you’re staying with us. We love popping down the road for a day trip and have gathered up some of our absolute favourite things to do when heading out to this gorgeous little town. Take a look below!

Iconic Photo spots

It's no surprise Arrowtown might be one of the most photographed spots for people on a holiday down here. Autumn is by far our favourite month to wander the streets here and snap a few photos.
Old Police Hut

You’ve probably seen this beautiful hut before but it’s even better to visit in person, nestled in the trees this is a must for any photographer or visitor looking for a great Arrowtown shot.


Main Street

Take a stroll down memory lane, Arrowtown is known for its beautiful, historic buildings that ooze charm and character. The main street might be one of the most beautiful in the world. Wander along and photograph the mountains in the distance or the buildings lining the street, either way, it’s a perfect spot to pull out your camera.

Eateries & Coffee spots

If you’ve googled Arrowtown before it’ll come as no surprise it has some of the best eateries in the area and there's something for everyone too! Here are our favourite spots to stop for coffee, brunch, dinner, drinks and dessert!

Provisions of Arrowtown

Start the morning off right with a great coffee & sweet treat from Provisions, a picturesque little cottage a short walk from the main street with some of the best coffee around, they also have some delicious treats too! Sit out in the sunny garden and enjoy the birds and stunning surroundings.



Chop Shop

We always add The Chop Shop to our recommendations when we have people come stay, but not just any meal on their menu (although all are delicious) their Turkish Eggs are something else…don’t knock it till you try it, they are insanely good and there's a reason they’ve been on the menu so long. Loved by locals and visitors alike, if you know you know! Great coffee and other tasty meals can be found here too.


The Blue Door

This one’s a real hidden gem. Down an alleyway, you’ll find a blue door (hence the name) open it up and enjoy local wine, beer, single malt or cocktail in this stunning historic bar. We love the live music nights and mulled wine in the colder months.



If you’ve seen photos of your friends on holiday with some of the most delicious looking ice creams you could imagine, they were probably visiting Patagonia. With some of the best ice cream in the area, it's a no brainer to stop by either their Arrowtown store or Queenstown (smaller ques in Arrowtown though!) Locally owned and just so delicious. Pop in and sample flavours for free and then grab a scoop of your favourite, if you’re a banana bread lover I can’t go past the Banana Split - it’s like eating cake batter and ice cream all in one!

Walking Tracks

There are so many lovely walks in the area and they range from family friendly all the way to an experienced hikers dream. The good thing is that the majority of walks in the area include picturesque surroundings and wonderful views of the rivers, mountains, flora & fauna.

Sawpit gully

If you’re looking for something to get your heart rate going I would recommend this one. It follows the trail up and over a hill then back down into Arrowtown, there's a short sharp beginning with views of Lake hayes from the top and Big Hill (adventurous hikers can continue up here for epic views of the mountains) it then follows the track down through a gully where you’ll find stunning clear water, wild raspberry bushes and rocky terrain. This is one of my all time favourite weekend walks.

Chinese Miners Village

If you're looking for something family friendly this would be my favourite! Head along the river to the Chinese miner's village. A nice flat path will lead you around the historical miner's village. Here you can see the huts that were used to live in and forage for plums and berries in the summer time too. This walk is perfect for bringing the little ones on and is pram accessible too.

Something for everyone?

Remarkables sweet shop

A must stop for anyone with a sweet tooth or a soft spot for fudge. The well known Remarkables Sweet Shop is kinda on everyone's bucket list when they hit Queenstown. Why? The insane selection of lollies and sweets is out the gate. Their fudge is a huge selling point though with all kinds of flavours like Jelly Tip, Creme Brule, apple crumble and more.


Gold panning

Once you read a few plaques around town you’ll get to know how important Arrowtown was amidst the gold rush. There is still gold to be found in the rivers even to this day! Grab a gold pan and head to the river's edge to try your luck, most people will find gold in their pans even if just a small bit - or if you’re lucky, a nugget!




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